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Posted by Glenn on August 21, 2001 at 13:43:07:

In Reply to: Harassment posted by Jim Hoffmann on August 21, 2001 at 11:16:47:

But PADI also recognized the dangers (again possible litigation) about such types of training and now it is no longer permitted.

From what I've seen of OW checkout dives, they don't need the instructor deliberately pulling regs out or twisting off masks. Inevitably the students follow to close to one another and get their gear knocked off by another student by accident. Watching a class can be an amusing experience, if you can see through all the stirred up silt. :)

And if you want some real harrassment diving, try diving with a group of sea lions some time. I had one grab my snorkel as he shot by ripping my mask from my face. Fortuanately he dropped it almost immediately. Another that kept nipping at my fin tips trying to remove my fins. And another that followed me like a shadow and was just waiting for me to pull a bug out from under a rock so he could snatch it from me. As an aside my buddy thought it was the funniest thing as I was inverted, feet up, trying to reach under the rock and the sea lion just sat there a couple feet from me, inverted as well, looking at me. It was as if the sea lion was saying, "Hey, watcha doin? You gonna pull that bug outta there for me? I'd really appreciate it."


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