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Posted by Glenn on August 21, 2001 at 15:12:57:

In Reply to: so... The state law Much more powerful than PADI says.... posted by Uh you awake? on August 21, 2001 at 14:50:32:

"you must not travel faster than 70 mph(65mph or even 55mph in some situations or locations) or slower than 35mph upon any "Freeway". AND you seem to think
that NO person has EVER violated this LAW?"

First off, that has nothing to do with anything being discussed here.

"Add to that there is NO penalty to an instructor if they do shorten classtime because who is going to know until way
AFTER the fact that it is not what is supposed to be? "

Again, what difference does it make how much time a student spent in class when he can display the skills with confidence and ability.

"(including the required 3 mentions of PADI continuing "education) "

And other agencies don't do this. Please. PADI/NAUI/SSI all push their programs. They are businesses and they are going to do what they do to continue to make money. Some instructors need the money and will push the classes. NEWS FLASH: THIS AINT JUST PADI DOING IT!

Want to bash another agency for doing this, fine. I pick GUE. Why does GUE charge for its book that an availability notice was just released on this board about? Why don't they simply put it up on their website for all to download? Why doesn't Halcyon make its DIR videos free for download? They push their products and training materials becuase they are businesses looking to make money so the owners and employees can put food on the table. It's the way a capatalist society works. If GUE/PADI/SSI/NAUI/TDI/Halcyon charge for their training materials and try to market and push them, good!


Who is starting to understand how Mike feels when people start ranting about things that they don't support in their own argument. Cheers Mike!

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