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Posted by seahunt on August 22, 2001 at 12:22:59:

In Reply to: DIR Demo posted by GLnSD on August 22, 2001 at 09:12:58:

There was a brawl that had been simmering for a long time between these
two groups. They just didn't like the others 'tude. Sometimes it would
boil up and blows would fly. Like any group melee, there were those in
the middle and those on the side. Some fought clean and some went cheap.
The fight went on for a long time and the fighters got tired of slugging
it out without being able to cleanly beat the other guys. Some gave up
and some never would, but they all got smart over time. When you fight
another guy, you learn respect for them, cuz if you don't you risk getting
hurt even worse. The fighters got to know each others styles over time and
learned what worked and what didn't. They learned that the cheap shots were
the ones that got the nastiest retaliation. They learned to keep it one on
one so that they could get some solid hits in. Then along came this new
guy. Both sides had watched this guy, cuz he came to the fight fast. He
was big and talked big, but when it came down to getting in the brawl,
he was sorta just a big dope who screamed a lot from the sides and
jumped up and down a lot looking like some Power Ranger with his
moves, but he was never in the middle making any real hits. Both
sides in the brawl had gotten pretty heads up by this time and both
sides said 'hey this guy is just a noisy flake'. We got a pretty tough
fight going on here. Would you just shut up and quit distracting us
with your silly noise.
Enjoy, seahunt

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