CenCal divers take notice

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Posted by seldom seen slim on August 25, 2001 at 10:14:53:

In Reply to: Re: The follow up posted by Jeff B on August 25, 2001 at 09:14:22:

Jeff Wrote:

"the regs state you need a plus, that is different then saying you need a "current" plus."

I agree you need a plus to get 2640. I am not convinced that a 15 year old plus is still good. You need a + stamped next to the current hydro test stamp if you want a fill from most shops. That would make it a "current" plus. Without the current certification how can you know the EE is still within limits after tumbles, creep and fatigue have affected the cylinder.

Note: Most testing facilities http://hazmat.dot.gov/files/approvals/hydro/cyl_ca.pdf will not do the 10% calculation. Therefore in most cases you will not get the + stamp. Most dive shops have given up trying to find a testing facility that will + stamp a tank. Therefore you cannot legally fill it beyond the stamped pressure, 2400.

Now if you allow the + to lapse between subsequent hydro's the there is the policy issue I mentioned before with the facilities that WILL do the +. You have found a facility that will + it without a previous +. That is outstanding. You should post their contact information so the shops in your area can resume getting +'s for there customers. That is great information for the CenCal divers.

As far as SoCal is concerned I do not know of a facility that follows that same policy. And without a clearly written statement from the DOT you are going to be hard pressed to walk in and tell them how they should be doing their job.

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