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Posted by Eric Frasco on August 25, 2001 at 16:08:55:

In Reply to: Who The HELL Are These People? posted by IM Pissedoff!!! on August 24, 2001 at 22:42:42:

I.M. P-O'd:

Here is what a short search on the web turned up:

Warner Chabot:

"Let me be very, very clear. California's living marine environment is in trouble. Many of the sport commercial fisheries and some of the marine mammals are in decline. Much of it is due to poor management and inadequate management in the past as well as other factors such as climate change and on-shore impacts such as pollution."

Richard Charter:

Specialist in intergovernmental relations, media outreach, and grassroots organizing in support of marine protected areas and fishery restoration policy.

Joel Greenberg: Can't find anything - is his name spelled correctly, and what was his affiliation?


Now, here's what I have to say on this issue:

I am president of the Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers. None of these folks have come to me and asked me for the Council's opinion, and I am in contact with a huge cross section of the diving community. For them to say they represent the diving community is reprehensible, irresponsible, and SELF SERVING. How much you want to bet that Fox 11 has an agenda to promote as well? Get a couple of big names, write a story and promote it as fact with out doing thorough research, then package it between advertisements for feminine hygiene products and a public service announcement, and VOILÁ, you have a politically correct message that sponsors love and makes a profit for the broadcasting company.

For the three gentlemen you mention (the two I've identified are obviously heavy into the politics here): I have never seen any of these folks on a dive boat, in a dive store, at a dive club meeting, or at a major diving event such as Chamber Day, Chamber Evening, Avalon Underwater Clean Up, International Beach Clean Up, or Chocolate Lobster Dive. None of them have stood up in front of the diving community and stated their views. None of them have come to any of our Council Meetings, and none (to my knowledge) have attended a Conference of California Councils (where all four Councils in California meet twice a year) in the last four years.

Now, who has stood up in front of the Community and discussed the issues?

GLACD will be holding a "Town Hall Meeting" in September, tentatively set for September 22nd, at the Cabrillo Aquarium Auditorium, immediately following the Chocolate Lobster Dive. As details develop, I will post them here.

All interested divers are invited to attend this meeting at NO CHARGE. There will be several short presentations on the Marine Life Protection Act, and the MPAs and their classifications and what it will mean to you as a diver.

After the meeting, the Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers will draft a letter and send it to the Department of Fish and Game, stating the outcome of the meeting and what concensus, if any, we were able to reach with the attendees.

We will also provide you with handouts regarding additional sources of information, And we will teach you how to write your own letter, regardless of whether or not you agree with us or anyone else.

The more letters that DFG receives from the diving community, the better the chance that DFG will recognize that these folks DO NOT represent the diving community. By making a strong presence, we will eliminate this kind of opportunistic "representation" from political entities that are interested only in furthering their own agendas.

This is your opportunity to be heard, so plan on attending!

-Eric Frasco-
President, GLACD

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