Dive Report: "Lobster Traps"

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Posted by geoa on August 26, 2001 at 21:43:03:

"Lobster Traps" is the name we've given the outer patch reef that lays 400 yards off Divers Cove in Laguna Beach.

As far as any of us know, we are the only group to dive this site. Certainly there are many people who have dived here, but the distance required for the surface swim probably make this area "inaccesssable" to the typical weekend beach diver. Our suspicions were confirmed when we saw the life at the reef.

Sketchy reports from an old local confirmed our own pre dive planning to whit..A patch reef with many ledges and pinnacles about 400 yards offshore in 35 ft. Saturdays vis was 25 to 30 and the surface swim was very pleasant. Running out at 160 deg from the guard tower we set timers and thought we'd make arrival over the reef in about 15-20 minutes. There really was'nt any need to mark time because when we got over the reef it was more or less clearly visable from the snorkel position. Switching to scuba we met up on the bottom, buddy'd up and made a measuring pass around the formation. Roughly 100ft X 100 ft. After marking that down, we set off to investigate the canyons, cracks and ledges. Lots of bugs waving antennae. The fish were a little mor inquisitive than at some of the more popular sites and reefs in Laguna. The Kelp Bass were big, like 12 lbs big and thats a 3 footer my friends. Beautiful. These big guys were eating urchins out of our hands. Allowing us to pet them. I thought "How Green is that" shaking my head. Oh brother. If you dive this reef, you'll probably see one large Bass with a big hunk of flesh knocked out of his head. He's a little more shy than the others, I wonder why. There is also a few old Lobster traps resting on the bottom, hence the name "Lobster Traps"

Excellent little expedition to one of Laguna's rarely visited area's. Well recommended. Like going back in time.
35fsw X 75 minutes vis 25 to 30 Water temp 70 deg. all the way down.

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