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Posted by JRM on August 27, 2001 at 21:24:15:

In Reply to: no i do not posted by CalAbDiver on August 27, 2001 at 14:30:23:

No, it isn't like jumping onto a different colour (we'll skip the plebian spelling today) and paddling down the street. It's like getting off that mini BMX bike, and onto a tuned road racing machine.

And it's not BS. I know that you've become the big bad TDI tech diver now, so you have to be anti-DIR, but you really should try it. It was the fit and trim that sold me. And as far as ease of doff and don, I easily accomplished it the first time I dove it in the pool. Twice actually. Once the hard way, and once the easy way, after a quick laugh and sign explanation from Terry.

A BP & Wings setup requires no special training. The thing is easier to get in and out of (especially in the water), than my old back inflate unit. Trust me on this, I do the vast majority of my diving out of small inflatables, and if it wasn't really easy to get on, I wouldn't use it.

And the BP seasoning comment is a riot. I liken that to saying that one must presume to have proper training and seasoning to use a digital telephone. While I do feel nostalgic for the "whump, click click click click" of the old rotary, I'd much rather just push the buttons. Progress sometimes means going back.


-- Perception is reality to some, experience is reality to others.

-- The power of accurate observation is often labeled cynicism by those who do not possess it.

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