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Posted by TDI Diver on August 28, 2001 at 13:22:12:

In Reply to: Re: swim test gue posted by Steve on August 28, 2001 at 12:31:42:

I don't think anyone is afraid of anything.
Except given the flaming that goes on on this board getting an e-mail inbox full of crap.
I for one don't have time to weed through an inbox looking for something constructive when most of it is
nothing more than spam and flames.

Unless one of the editors of this board tells me I am wrong my best guess is that any e-mail address posted on this
board is open to spam harvesters, more spam I don't need.
And how about starting your morning off with one of MHK's NICE e-mails, if there anything like most of his posts no thanks.

As far as the swim test goes, you are right 400yrds is not very far and given the *average* (what ever that is) swimming ability it does show that
he/she knows how to swim and it does provide a general measure of conditioning.

But you digress from the original post witch said that the test was designed to test a persons cardio-pulminary condition, a simple swim test can't do this, of course providing you are
not talking about someone who is obviously not fit to dive to begin with.

No I don't suggest taking peopls money and passing them. Though there is a lot of that in the diving business including the DIR world, frankly I think that any instructor that does not conform to the standard of
the agency they teach for should have their instructor certification revoked. In TDI's case I know from personal experience that they will do that IF THEY KNOW ABOUT IT, which is where the true problem lies; how do they
find out. As for GUE I can only assume that they would do the same, but having no personal experience I can't and won't comment.

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