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Posted by Oceanbobber on August 29, 2001 at 08:21:13:

In Reply to: Hey, did you just edit the content of my post? posted by msblucow on August 29, 2001 at 05:14:21:

I do not post much, but after looking at the bbs last night and then again this morning I had o become vocal once more. We saw what you saw too but I think the whole article was edited out. It was a suprisingly good response by TLeeMay to Chris's reasons why mhk was censured and explained how to deal with it. May gave examples why it was not cricket to copy the profane words from an email exchange to the bbs and how Chris was breaking his own rules from the faqs by doing so. It looks like all the copied material from the email has been edited out, including the first article with the questionable content copied and posted by Chris. At the top of this whole mess, it seems like an advertiser of the bbs is the one who pointed out that it's edited for any content Chris and the other editors do not agree with. This is now obviously true in what we have read in the past and last night. That activity has become very common. The constant sock puppets who don't use their real email addresses are a bigger problem. There is where the editing energy needs to be directed. It says in the faqs you have to use your real email address They obviously do not. At least mhk is not afraid to hide behind a fake name when he makes his sometimes harsh posts. This bbs is a great source of diverse information and it should stay that way. We were able to ask the right questions before we took our adv scuba class thanks to mhk and others, we decided to stay Naui divers instead of taking the Padi adv. I will close by saying other than profane and verbal threatening words, the bbs should not be edited. If for some reason it does it will lose it's credibility.

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