This is pitiful........

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Posted by ChrisM on August 29, 2001 at 09:39:34:

Mostly a lurker, but I think this is pitiful.

I'm no MHK sympathizer, but then again I'm no seahunt sympathizer either. Sure, it's a private BBS and the moderator can do what he wants, but I have to say that I, like others I suspect (AADiver comes to mind) have been able to wade through the BS personality to get to the principles that MHK, Walker, tleemay and others have brought to the board. My eyes have certainly been opened. I am not, and will probably never be a DIR diver, but I sure am adopting some of the equipment configurations because they are light years ahead of PADI's teachings.

Was seahunt banned? CalAbDiver? GLnSD? These people seem to have stirred up the s&*t in the past, and we all got over it. But they agreed with the moderator, and there's the rub.

I'd ask you to rethink the decision to ban someone, or anyone. Christ, if we can't have a heated discussion with some emotion, what's the point? Sometimes that's what it takes.

So I guess from now on our posts will be limited to the fascinating discussion of the viz last Sat. at Long Point.


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