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Posted by Jim Hoffmann on August 29, 2001 at 10:36:07:

Censorship..California BBS.. The Free & Open Forum For California Scuba Diving
Discussion.... This BBS says it’s A Free formula, but nothing is free, there are rules. As
someone else said, there has to be rules or there is anarchy.
I have posted many Sock Puppet post, most were fun, some I admit were mean, some
were taken down. I don’t feel that was censorship( just good taste)Sock puppets have no
Mike Kane is a real person with a real E-mail address. If he has stayed with-in the rules,
he should not be censored. He has to take responsibility for what he has posted. It’s his
reputation that’s at stake.
Chris this is the very heart of what makes our country great, the free exchange of idea’s.
You and others may not like DIR, I don’t like backpack diving, that’s OK lets talk about
it and see who’s idea’s have the most merit.
Mike is a good person he has given his time and money to try and make our diving
community better and safer.
I think that this BBS also makes our diving community better and safer (but only if there
is a free exchange of Idea’s).

Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys and Schools Inc.

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