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Posted by dm on August 29, 2001 at 11:31:27:

In Reply to: An editors not on editing posted by seahunt on August 29, 2001 at 11:00:06:

Check this out for Freedom of speech. (Not that this board sho do this) This is a place to bitch.

Privacy Policy provides you, the embittered employee, with a forum to express your feelings about your employer—without worrying about backlash from such expression. Therefore, your privacy is of the absolute utmost importance to us.

In that spirit, here’s a rather lengthy list of statements that we affirm to be sacred and true:

* will never, ever ask you for any personal information (e.g. e-mail, real name, address, phone number, number of sexual conquests, number of library books overdue, etc.)

* Unlike many websites, we won’t interrogate your computer.

* We won’t download software to your machine (e.g. Java applets, ActiveX controls, etc.)

* We will not store your IP address in our database.

* We will not provide any third party with member names. Regardless, the member names don’t correspond to any real information anyway. This isn’t like “Mission: Impossible,” where the two NOC lists combined to expose the real names of IMF agents and put them in mortal danger. Frankly, a member name is nothing more than that. If our database is stolen, subpoenaed or otherwise acquired through ill-gotten means, none of the information will even hint who our members are, since we couldn’t determine your name if forced at gunpoint.

* If anyone asks for our member database, we will tell them, perfectly imitating John Cleese’s accent from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "No! Piss off!"

* If you’re about to ask for our member database, this is a good moment to say to you, perfectly imitating John Cleese’s accent from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that you should also “Piss off!” Don’t make us "Fetcha de mush" on your ass.

* If you’re still worried to the point you don’t want to post using a member alias, your posts will be tagged from a user named "Anonymous.” You can exercise this option even if you, in fact, have a member name.

* refuses to be held responsible if you’re so unbelievably stupid as to use real names in the course of your posts. Also, if you’re crazed enough to post company information that you and only you could have known, thus giving away your identity, we can’t be held responsible for that either and you deserve what’s coming to you.

* Finally, if you’re a company pissed off about what people are posting you, our response is (wiggling fingers by ears) "Nah Nah Na-Nah Nah." Next time, treat your employees with more respect.

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