Simple Answer: No (hotmail)

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Posted by JRM on August 29, 2001 at 11:50:14:

In Reply to: Simple question. posted by Maciek on August 29, 2001 at 11:23:06:

Valid email is bogus. Any weenie can just go open a (hotmail, yahoo, freemail, whatever) account. It doesn't solve anything. Except maybe a bit more work for the sock brigade.

Some people will always try to "beat the system." While I wouldn't mind an upgrade or two to the bbs software, doing so for the sake of "stamping out anonymity" is futile.

The only way to do what you're describing is to go to a moderated forum. And if you think folks are in an uproar about censorship now, just imagine what an admin moderated forum would be like.

Personally, I think the "slashdot" type sites, with their "points based" moderation system, are probably the lesser of all evils. But that's a ton of work for not much return.

If I could recommend one single addition that wouldn't be super difficult, I'd say let's post the last two octets from the IP address, maybe even the last three (a stretch). Or heck, post the whole stinking thing. That's my vote. And Chris, if you want to implement, I'll hack the code myself. Consider that an offer.


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