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Posted by MHK on August 30, 2001 at 11:44:07:

In Reply to: Re: Free Speech/limits posted by seahunt on August 30, 2001 at 11:28:59:

Why are you asking me to respond publicly to my responsive comments to your unsolicated e-mail???

You sent me several e-mails that I did NOT solicit while simultaneously I was getting attacked ad nausem on the list publicly. You played ignorant and blamed Chris, and then responded by one of the editors barring me from posting and responding publicly to the attacks.

I responded with a private e-mail to you and Chris which included profanity. This private e-mail the edotors of this list chose to re-print on this list publicly without my permission. You did so even though it specifically violated your own rules. You then proceeded to forward it to JJ, as if he has anything whatsoever to do with it..

Accordingly, it is clear that you both had, and continue to have, a specific agenda and neither one of you play by your won rules...

When you guys respond publicly to my question I'll respond to yours.. You guys are too skilled at misdirection and obfusation and it's clear that you want to move the spotlight off of Chris' actions but I'm not letting you misedirect it again...

So will one of the editors please explain why it is OK to re-print a private e-mail, laced with profanity, simply because it advanced your agenda??? Terry then properly called you guys on it, staying on the facts and not resorting to personal attacks and then you deleted his posts...

Explain that before you guys try to answer a question with a question....

BTW, I even spoke to you for 1/2 hour on the phone during business hours to resolve the issue and you needed to hang up and said we would continue the discussion. At this point I have not heard back from you and/or Chris, other then through Chris' underhanded disclosure of our private e-mails...

Just so you understand I don't care that you took my private thought and broadcasted them, what I'm irked about is that there were written in private communication, which by definition doesn't have a censor. You then took those words, absent proper context, and publicy posted them on a forum that you set the rules and that specifically precludes profanity.. That's the hypocrsy that I want addressed.. Then you edit Terry...


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