because JeffBeeeee reads all my posts ...

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Posted by Karl S. on September 01, 2001 at 14:34:06:

In Reply to: and of what concern is your trial by ordeal to meeee? posted by mike on September 01, 2001 at 13:32:56:

nothing personal ...

by the way your 308 is a fantastic round ... probably the very best ... works well in any bolt action scoped rifffell especially hand loaded and also in the US Navy M-14.

thank you for your word of caution. i will definitely try to be careful in the Open Water when i go deep [on EAN 25 not air].

i now believe that the tunnel that i wrote about before which appeared suddenly at 156 fsw and then started to shrink was due to excess CO2 loading prior to the dive, triggering O2 tox prematurely. i was carrying a lot of heavy crap around the beach at monastery that day.

farm animal stupid is my definition of Chuck T. and Jim K. only two guys really farm animal stupid would try to piss me off. and they did. JeffBeeee is in a close third place however.

i hope that explains everything. if it werent for Aaron Burr then trial by ordeal would still be legal. nothing personal OK? i just already know he will read my posts and say something totally absurd again.

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