OK, Karl........ Defining DIR and stroke

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Posted by Maddiver on September 03, 2001 at 17:51:33:

In Reply to: Re: Defining DIR and stroke posted by Karl S. on September 03, 2001 at 15:41:30:

Tell us Karl...

>>>>"superiority of low pressure steel tanks" when high pressure steel has many superior features over the low pressure ones>>>>and like wrist mounting compasses and dive computers, when hose mounting is vastly more comfortable>>taking perfectly good rubber tank boots off metal tanks for that "special look" of butt naked tanks<<<<

I'll just assume no one fully explained this one to you. First, even though no one would do this (yeah right) steel tanks when not rinsed throughly after saltwater immursion will rust even when coated around and under the 'boot'. So protect your gear. More importantly the boot is a unnecesary piece of gear that serves no purpose underwater (can't argue that) and a false one above water (still open for debate) and causes excess drag and potential for entanglement and getting 'Key Holed" in wreck, under ledge, etc...

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