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Posted by tleemay on September 04, 2001 at 11:01:49:

In Reply to: Re: I think it is the height of DIR! posted by Steve on September 02, 2001 at 12:54:34:

"Bull, I don't think you know what you're talking
about. I saw tleemay last month dive the Moody in
a wet suit and a steel tank wearing a computer."

Counter Bull Steve... don't skew the info to fit
your agenda. Get you facts straight first.

That was a Viper, collecting and recording data
for a project I'm working on with one of PTF's perriphs. You knew that too when you asked about
it that day Steve. Did you notice how it was turned away from view on the arm? Did you notice
the Uwatec digital BT on the same wrist? Would it
have been less ammunition for you if it were in my
pocket? Is that what we need to look out for now?

If I didn't jump in the water and recover that
anchor, the entire boat would have had to remain
longer on the spot, possibly precluding the chance of a dive three that day - or worse, exposing a
charter to the dangers of pulling a very wrapped anchor out from iron plates, pipes, cables, and other debris with a 500 lb lift bag... especially after having just done the same dive twice and being well N2 saturated at that point. Should I have done the dive with an alum 80? Hell no for two reasons, I had 25/18 mix in my steel 95, and to do a recovery dive that deep on a single tank, a 95 pumped to the pressure it was gave me enough
gas to do the recovery, inflate the bag, work
the chain free from it's weavings, and do the
stops safely all with an EAD of 98'. There was
absolutely NO way I was going to take steel double
112's in a wetsuit to do the same recovery.

I have two dry suits. One was enroute to me from
DUI that was over 7 weeks late. It was expected to
have been back when the Moody trip was planned,
the other was at Mobby's in Texas for a 3 year
warranty repair. Since I had no drysuit, I told
eveyone on the boat that day who asked that I was
not planning on diving the wreck/rigs that day. I
was there for DM duties as a certified and insured
technical dive supervisor. Remember the waiver you
signed that day? They were special and direct
about the type of diving expected. As a DM, if
there was a diver emergency that demanded I go
look for a diver at depth (an experience I have
done in the past and not enjoyed), I would have
used the same setup given the situation. When the
sh*t hits the fan on sites like the Moody, all the
skewed info in the world stops as we all wait for
the diver to come back to the surface, preferrably

Why is this important? The charter who held the
trip that day had a primary site planned that is
considered to be beyond the typical sport diving
limits. The captain and owner of the vessel
demanded that the DM that day be a trained and
insured technical DM for dives that are considered
technical in nature. Rather than show up at the
boat that day without a drysuit and tell the
Captain that I was not able to DM for him for that
reason, I opted to do the trip and get the charter
to the sites and perform the duties as required
without a drysuit. Because of this, and the fact
that the two other local insured technical dive
supervisors the captain prefers were not
available, it was a judgement call. I felt I owed
it to the captain and the charter group (who, as I
understood it completely agreed) and I was not
going to let my services compromise the potential
success of such a trip. If I had not have been on
that trip, the deeper site would probably not have
been done.

If you disagree with my actions/configuration and
the way I recovered the anchor that day, send you
observations and complains to the Sea Divers and
Captain Tim. Upon their phone call to me, I will
never be available to them as a professional again.

Does that fit you adgenda now?

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