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Posted by on September 06, 2001 at 21:51:07:

In Reply to: If you want to illustrate why... posted by roakey on September 06, 2001 at 02:33:19:

Thats a good point. For a simple msg response I could have illustrated the point as you stated, But I'm a firm believe of a strong foundation and decided to
write that doc up as a referrence. (Also since I'm an instructor, I have to be aware of potential liability issues, and by creating a document this allows
me to review it before posting and correct any errors I find now or in the future since all BBS post are archived and can't be changed)

I guess I'm a bit used to my ANDI classes which have very extensive curriculums and am a bit
prejudiced about dive planning from my overhead training (cave).

I believe in gas volume matching for technical dives. I teach TDI deco procedures and extended range classes. Gas volume matching is not a requirement
but Diveplanning is.. It doesn't take much time to teach how to use this technique to increase the safety margin of a dive team..

I beleieve its more of importance to the extended range dive (I don't want to get into the "deep Air" discussion
but extended range doesn't mean forcing the students to 180 on air. The class is really about dive planning and physiology than any thing else.
Its a worthwile class and the only depth requirement is that all dives be deeper than 100 and 4 of the dives 130 or deeper and if a diver
can't function at that depth on air I don't believe they should be doing trimix either otherwise in an emergency they may be forced to a non He mixture
(or a mixture with much less He than desired) and they are royally screwed.

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