"Racist" is the comments that some of you made.

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Posted by Jason on September 10, 2001 at 16:08:19:

In Reply to: Scuba class with minimal investment posted by Alex Chen on September 10, 2001 at 14:43:51:

Scuba diving does have it's expenses, especially getting into it initially. It is not hard to be fascinated with SCUBA diving. I wanted to SCUBA dive from a REAL young age (as in 6 yrs old), but could not afford to do so on my $10 / week allowance in junior high. Actually it was not until I graduated college that I had the time and money to do so (and do it right). You can start accumulating some of your gear over time, meanwhile enjoying 'snorkling' with the gear that you do buy, while saving for the certification, etc. Don't let some of the characters on this board turn you off from this great sport. They must have gotten 'too much air' in their head from their last scuba outing. You ask a very basic question, and I'm sorry that the above 2 responses were as they were.

As for the colorful slang language that one user used: Although I'm sick and tired of 'Political Correctness' myself, It is people like him that KICK START the political correctness issue!
If it was not for his/hers likes that clearly imply racial slurs, and racial non-sense, which was COMPLETELY UNRELATED to your questions, there would be no need for 'political correctness'.

Too often I have seen people like him on this board, whom feel that they 'know it all', and that they should be part of an 'elite' privilaged group.

Remember, this is STILL a FREE country, with LOTS of opportunities for everyone. If you like SCUBA diving, start saving up, and get into it slowly. You can also take scuba instructions at many Universities, Colleges, YMCA, etc.

Good luck.


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