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Posted by Wayne on September 14, 2001 at 10:06:08:

I have been spending some time reflecting on people lately. I remember when the early astronauts came back from space, they were changed because they saw that he world looks different when there are no arbitrary lines like on the maps. I remember when the US and USSR astronauts did a joint mission and all who participated were forever changed.

I think as divers we have a similar situation. Meet a diver from another part of the world and we immediately have something in common. Our love for the ocean and the environment in which we live is based on experience rather than rhetoric. This week we have seen tragedy and my response is to get my appontment to give blood on the 20th (they will need more then) and to go diving with the family this weekend.

When the buildings collapsed we saw a huge cloud rushing out in all directions. Some called it smoke or dust, but I call it hate. It was hate from the murderers and if you let the cloud envelop you, you too will be blinded by hatred. I want to run away from blinding hatred just as the people on TV were running from their approaching cloud.

On this board there was too much hatred expressed this week. Just as we do not despise all Germans because of NAZI attrocities, we need to control our thoughts and emotions with regard to people whose religons and heritage are similar to the mass murderers. Me, I am a California boy -- like Charles Manson -- but I do not want to be judged because he and I have this small thing in common. America is the melting pot and accepts all people based on their willingness to join us. There have been tough times and bumps in the road, but I for one will not participate in allowing racism and hatred to control me.

When we dive we all look alike. When we dry off we get focussed on the wrong things. Let's all spend some time underwater as soon as possible and enjoy the stillness and consistancy of this world and try to come back refreshed and devoid of bitterness and hatred.


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