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Posted by retrodiver on September 14, 2001 at 13:25:53:

In Reply to: AHA.....retro IS GnLSD posted by JohnB on September 14, 2001 at 12:41:33:

...I'm not GLnSD. Just sick of the bickering. I'm not all that fond of the guy either. Some unnamed sock-puppet and I have been head bashing all week and I've just had enough of it. I like reading this board, but I wish people would stop disrespecting each other. I vow to abandon that tactic and mindset for good.

I don't know enough about diving DIR to really have an opinion about it, yet, but I'll be taking John Walker's GUE Fundamentals class next month (if he'll have me) to see for myself.

Then and ONLY then, will I feel like I have a right to talk about it.

You'll notice I am now posting my true name. I'm out there.

For those of you who want to hide in the shadows and take pot shots at people I have one thing to say, YOU ARE COWARDS! If you believe something you should have the gonads to stand up for it.

I have gained great respect for those who do have the courage to expose themselves to public scrutiny, whatever their opinions might be.

To MHK, John Walker, Karl S., Ken, & others, I say BRAVO! Keep posting and I'll keep reading and learning.

I challenge you sock-puppets to do the same.

Put up or shut-up. If you don't...well we all know what you are.


Doug Dubick
a.k.a. Retrodiver

Peace be with you all.

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