Lost Dive Buddy's and Girlfriend's

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Posted by Seasnake on October 15, 2001 at 08:59:19:

It’s sad to say, I have lost another dive buddy . It happens, but that still doesn’t make it right. Many of us have sent years with our dive buddy’s. Sharing great dives, seeing and doing things that few have experienced. For many of us our dive buddies are our best friends, they are like our brothers or sisters, and that’s what makes the lost so bad. Who else can you call up a 6 PM and say “Hey let’s go night diving” at 7PM or will jump on a dive boat ( last minute).
Will, I guess it had to happen……. but why now…….at the beginning of lobster season.
Why, did he have to go out and get a girl friend! I call his house and the answer machine has a girls voice on it (Lorie and Mike are not home, please leave a message). When he does answer the phone I here him asking (in the back ground) his girl friend… if he can go (what’s wrong with him, doesn’t he see how PW he is)? He was a Man’s- Man’s and now he’s just whipped.
What happened to his priorities, doesn’t he know that the only thing that matters this time of year is lobster!! It took years to train him and now all that is wasted( for what? A girlfriend). It’s just not fair.
Oh well, maybe I’ll call Julie and see if she wants to go to a movie or something (I can’t go diving). Maybe it’s time to have Julie take some Scuba Lessons (Jim still has that $100 dollar deal). Maybe with a few years of training Julie could be a good dive buddy (but it won’t be the same).
But wait, it’s Mike on the phone, Lorie and him have broke-up (Yes) he wants to go diving, the boat leaves in an hour (yes, it’s about time, he finally came to his senses, he finally got his priorities right, he’s not whipped any more).
Hold on Mike, “Julie honey…..it’s Mike on the phone, he wants me to go diving, the boat leaves in an hour, can I go pretty, pretty, please” well I guess our priorities do change.


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