Let me tell you about Cap'n Grumpy

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Posted by seahunt on October 19, 2001 at 20:11:46:

In Reply to: Re: Hey Grumpy posted by Capt-Strange and Grumpy on October 19, 2001 at 16:56:28:

Well, Maybe that was just a bit over the line...
But lemme tell y'all about this Cap'n Grumpy also known as Cap'n Ray.
The story has to start out with where he hangs his mask.
See, he makes his berth at San Pedro. Not only is that right near Palos Verdes, which may have once been the best diving in California and is getting better again, he also is right near a huge area of divable terrain off San Pedro and Long Beach Harbors. It's a little deep, and mostly sand, but it's a huge area of wide open diving. when you find a rocky reef in an area like that, it can be magical, cuz everything that makes its living for hundreds of yards around in the sand, makes its home in that little rocky reef. If you can find those rocky reefs, it's some neat diving.
Well, from what I hear, ol Grumpy there has a better knowledge of all the little reefs and rocks out there and at Palos Verdes than anyone else. If I remember rightly, he's the one that used to explore endlessly (like only a true fisher can) in a small inflatable, looking for new reefs to explore. He found a lot of them and don't tell anyone where.
Now my guess is that (without giving away where) ol Cap'n Grumpy could tell some amazing tales of what he has seen out there.
I think it was him as found a reef with big red abs on it out there. I heard something about he told somebody about it...
Besides his reputation for knowing about that dive area, he knows something interesting (maybe less than he claims) about the sport diving industry in that area over the past many years.
Well, whaddya think? Shouldn't he get off his dead flippers and at least tell some kind of a tale about the diving that only he can tell? If'n he don't, I'm tempted to make up a story or two ana I'lla make him the star.
So what about it Grumpy? will ya quit yer caterwallering and tell the truth or just be a useless snipe?
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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