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Posted by MHK on November 06, 2001 at 17:25:30:

In Reply to: Re: Nitrox/longer stop posted by Ken Kurtis on November 06, 2001 at 17:10:04:


Your logic is so flawed as to be laughable and I'm really NOT trying to flame you..

But look at your approach to this problem.. You suggest a longer then usual safety stop because she entered decompression, and then cleared her computer.. SO in other words, you suggest fixing the problem after it occurs vis-a-vis virtually meaningless 15' safety stops..

The correct way to view this dive is to AVOID THE PROBELM BEFORE IT OCCURS!!!!!!!!! Not to use band aids to fix the problem after it's already broken....

Even using the conservative PADI tables for a Nitrox 32% mix she is 5 minutes away from nearing her M-value and never has to worry about added safety stops, she never has to worry about whether or not the bubbles already formed by the time she gets to 15', and perhaps with the clearer head she doesn't get lost and accumulate added BT's to begin with...

Why do you focus on solving the problem AFTER it occurs as opposed to addressing it BEFORE it happens???

And my conclusions are not NOT speculation as they relate to her profile.. Look at the tables and you'll see that had she been using a 32% she wouldn't need to worry about added safety stops because she would NOT have been in decompresion to begin with...

I realize that you would like to make people think that it's speculation, but profiles are profiles and M-values are M-values..

So is it your position that Marta wouldn't have had a greater safety margin had she been using a better mix???? FTR, I would have used a helium based mix for this dive, but I'm trying to simplify the discussion and more people understand Nitrox then they do Triox...

The clear fact of the matter Ken is that by your policy of no Nitrox and the fact that you took them to a dive site that mandates deep diving, you preclude your customers from obtaining an added safety margin and for that reason alone you should re-visit your policy, or you shouldn't take them to deep sites..


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