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Posted by MHK on November 13, 2001 at 09:42:09:

In Reply to: Re: Flying and diving posted by Tim on November 12, 2001 at 17:14:46:

I have much respect for Dr. Bennett, and I have read much of his research, however given that I do in fact read the studies, I also read the Weinke, Hamilton, Wells and a few other studies as well, I have to to question some of teh blanket statements put out by DAN. DAN is an organization that by in large speaks to teh general recreational diving public, and also serves as an ad hoc advisor to many that dive once or twice a year, who are in poor physical shape, who have not had a PFO test, who likely know little, if anything about deco theory, who can't properly hold a deco stop and on and on.. In other words, they need to render statements that will fall into the one size fits all catagorey.. Trust but verify comes to mind.. For example, two years ago Dr. Bennett wrote that based upon his studies he rendered an opinion that you are twice as likely to get bent diving Nitrox then you are diving air. I publicly challenged Dr. Bennett and I personally wrote to him and explained why I believed that his analysis was flawed and why I disagreed with the conclusion. Dr. Bennett retracted his comments in the following months edition and admitted that DAN's recomendation was * based upon a crude analysis*.. Accordingly, I believe the same principle applies with respect to the diving and flying. I have read the studies and more importantly I fly after diving almost 3 weeks a month, and I'm talking about getting to the airport with hair and gear soaking wet and getting right on to a flight and I have never experienced the slightest problem, so I discount the recomendation based upon my review of the data and my very personal experiences..

Other then the DAN recomendation, have you any other dispositive data???

But please bear in mind that I have NO problem with anyone that wants to follow the advice..

And finally, please remeber that the recomendation used to be 24 hours, but Cayman and a few other resort and liveaboard locations complained that they were loosing business in the last day of the vacation, so the recomendation got lowered to 12 hours.. Just food for thought..


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