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Posted by MHK on November 20, 2001 at 10:42:36:

In Reply to: Re: My last comment on this posted by Ken Kurtis on November 20, 2001 at 10:21:36:


I lost all respect for you because you are making this BS up.. I guess if I had the same ridiculous policies as you do, when I read them later I would distance myself from them as well, but give me a break.. You and I had so many conversations about these issues and I'll take this opportunity to remind you that it was I who insisted on my name [ or any other DM's name] being specifically added to the waivers.. I did this, not you.. If you would tell the truth you would recall that since I has serious reservations about your home brewed waiver that I specifically demanded that my name be cited. You then came back to me and said that you didn't want to just use my name only since it wouldn't be fair to the other DM's so I said then add everyone's name. You did NOT want to do that and it was only after I spoke with Billy did you agree..

As for Gina's concern's, you and I BOTH had these conversations with her, and are you denying that she indicated that her prefernce was that you use the industry waiver because it has been time tested, and would likely result in a summary judgement??? Do you not recall me telling you that my preference was summary judgement since I didn't want to deal with the hazards of litigation, the time and effort of taking depositions and the uncertain outcome??? Ken, you are being such a liar, and since you are suggesting that it is me who is taking poetic license with teh facts then I'll continue to hammer you because I have the truth and the facts on my side..

Ken, you dream up legal fantasies, you invent positions that don't bear any basis in reality and then you want to say that it is I who have the issue contorted.. I will NOT allow you to get away with that at my expense..

I'll assume that you'll decline the invitation to rationally explain your Nitrox positon, and don't behind the * it's been beaten to death* excuse because you are the one who claims we don't allow you to explain it...


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