You mean "Deep Fest " ??

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Posted by Kevin on January 03, 2002 at 11:32:10:

In Reply to: Mr. C's Dec. 29th wreck dive ? posted by Descender on January 03, 2002 at 11:09:35:

Well, I found out the quickest way to start a boat's BBQ in a rain storm in the middle of the rocking ocean is to use high pressure pure oxygen. The coals were red hot in no time. I kind melted the mouthpiece on my deco cylinder, but I think it fits better now.

We went out and started cleaning up alot of structures that Cap'n Ray found, but had not dove on yet. The first site was a rock pile in the middle of nowhere, about 170 FSW. Now before you laugh, this was all cut and blasted rock from a quarry, and I also found large pieces of wood. So I'm sure this was a rock barge that went down a long time ago. Old crumbling anchors everywhere, so I am guessing it was an old long forgotten fishing hot spot.

The next site was a submarine, well, we thought it was a submarine untile I hit the sand at 175 and discovered the worlds largest sewer pipe. About 30 feet long and 12 feet in diameter. No brass, so I started my ascent after a few minutes of looking it over.

After that we needed something on the shallow side, so we dove the "Prop Wreck". Anyone interested in portholes ? ( yes, there is an s on the end of that last word ). Max depth 110 FSW.

We closed out the day on the Olympic, sitting on the sand at 100 FSW. Vis sucked, but I had fun climibing around.

We did not find anything of great interest, but I used the day as a training day, I did all my emergency drills, stage bottle work, worked on my trim and bouyancy, further fine tuned my gear, etc. I was gonna mention how the DIR gear made my dive day so much easier than with my previous gear setup, but no one wants to hear me yanking.

I have a bunch of numbers of structures all over the place, Ray has ten times more than that. Who is game for another day of exploring ???


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