Stop making inaccurate statements.

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Posted by Kevin on January 11, 2002 at 08:48:47:

In Reply to: Let's start a pool.............. posted by GLnSD on January 11, 2002 at 08:06:58:

Dear Glen:

Please stop making inaccurate statements. You don't know what the hell you are talking about.

I attended a rather lengthy DIR demo given by four local DIR advocates. It was a gear intensive lecture. In fact, they mostly talked about gear. One of the persons is a manager at a local shop that sell all the DIR gear. BRAND NAMES WERE NEVER MENTIONED.

I recently completed a GUE course, it was taught by the GUE TRAINING DIRECTOR, the head honcho, and he OWNS A DIVE STORE THAT SELL ALL THE DIR GEAR, both in the shop and on the internet. Over fourty hours of instruction and he only mentioned one DIR brand name once, and it was about how a specific piece of equipment sucked, and what Halcyon did to correct the problem.

I just completed buying the gear I need for a GUE Tech 1 class, and the local instructor pointed me in all the directions to get the gear he recommends. He did not name any specific shop, or any specific bramds, but simply told me what to look for ( size, material, construction, durability ) and why those criteria are so important.

So when does the big marketing scam come ? When I complete all the GUE courses ? Or are they sending me hidden messages in my oatmeal ?

Oh, I forgot. There is a GUE marketing scam going on. Terry has some very cool little GUE stickers for your car. They are a picture of a diver on a scooter buzzing along. I think they cost him about $ 5 to make and he gives them to his friends. WHAT A SCAMMMMM !

Glen, pull your head out and stick to the facts.

If you or any one else does not believe what I have just said then I will furnish them with a list of individuals present at the above mentioned courses, and I will let independant observers offer their own facts. They were groups of people around, ask them if you doubt me.

The only thing that DIR is a scam for is safer diving.

Kevin Rottner

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