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Posted by Ed on January 14, 2002 at 18:05:26:

In Reply to: Covenant Dive Boat posted by Kevin on January 14, 2002 at 17:13:00:

Kevin, the guy who posted this (I guess Chuck), failed to do a couple of things: One, he forgot to mention that the 'Sunday' that was referred to, was Sunday the 6th, and NOT Sunday the 13th (yesterday), but most importantly, he missed the point about removing any person(s) and parties names involved, as per my instructions.
I too have dove with the Covenant (with you!) on November 3rd, and thought that it was a GREAT and personal operation.
As a matter of fact, I posted a report on the following day regarding the experience, which I believe now resides on
It was labled "Ed and Kevins Great Adventure At Anacapa"
The link:

I initialy posted the above mentioned, on a fishing site, as a fishing report (or lack of, for that day), and by no means did I ever either 'attack' anyone, or taken credit for the situation.
I had no incentive too. I did not post my report on this site, as I was NOT diving. Had I any 'incentive' or hidden agenda, I would have posted here.
As I had said in my initial replies, I had not done anything special, just was at the right place, at the right time.
The whole post was about 'fishing', and my greatfulness to the guy whom gave me the 2 bugs, and NOT about diving.
I guess when 'Chuck' posted this, he never thought that I'm a diver too (I guess fisher folk can't dive in his book).
In any case, the two bugs that were given to me were VERY delicious, completely unexpected, but truly appreciated.

As for the Covenant and Capitan Bob, he runs a great operation.

Was it a fairy tail? Nope.

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