Challenge at $19,000!!!

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Posted by Chamber Day Committee on April 30, 2002 at 22:50:29:

It's late on Tuesday evening and I really need to get packed and head down to San Pedro since the day starts early, but wanted to get out this update before I left. It's been quite a day (in more ways than one).

In addition to Troy's $2K donation, we received a wonderful $500 donation from our friends at Skin Diver Magazine, a $200 donation from Mike Brennan, and a $100 donation from good friend George Horn who owns Scuba Divine in Brooklyn, New York. And when all was said and done, we were at $18,980. Being a fan of round numbers, I dug into my own checkbook for $20 so I could say . . .

WE'RE AT $19,000!!!!!

Nothing would please me more than to return tomorrow evening and see that we've hot $20,000. And you can help make it happen because you can still donate to the Challenge. just give us a call at 310/652-4990 and help us honor the memory and work of Jon Hardy.


Ken Kurtis
Chairman, Chamber Day/Eve 2002
(Updated & posted as of 4/30/02 10:25PM - last posted 4/30/02 10:05PM)

TOTAL TO DATE - $19,000

New contributors:
Skin Diver Magazine ($500)
Mike Brennan ($200)
George Horn/Scuba Divine ($100)
Karen Mastro ($100)
Anonymous ($30)
Ray Hartung ($25)
Jim Deas ($25)
Ken Kurtis ($20)

Donors to date:

*** GOLD [$1000 and up] ***
Kendall Raine (paid)
Mike Emmerman & Patricia Stockhausen (paid)
Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine
Troy Bagwell

*** SILVER [$500 and up] ***
Reef Seekers Dive Co. (paid)
Jim Krasne (paid)
Jeanne Sleeper (paid)
California Diving News/Scuba Show (paid)
Jack Farmer of the Crusader BBS (paid)
Karl Huggins (paid)
Sport Chalet (paid)
Scuba Toys (paid)
Scuba Schools of America (paid)
Scuba Haus
Catalina Scuba Luv/King Neptune
Malibu Divers
Ocean Adventures
Skin Diver Magazine

*** BRONZE [$100 and up] ***
Sand Dollar (paid) (paid)
Gary Romanik (paid)
Dr. Robert Rhodes (paid)
Joe Takahashi (paid)
Beth Clark (paid)
The Sea Divers (paid)
Lost Patrol (paid)
Jeff Hunter (paid)
Walker Berwick (paid)
Greg Mossman (paid)
Sara Sue Essenpries (paid)
Dennis (Icarus) (paid)
Scott & Cindy Stolnitz (paid)
Niki Dantine (paid)
Angi Froelich (paid)
Warren Iliff (paid)
Jack Ryan (paid)
Sharon Wallin & Nixie Smith (paid)
Anne McCourt (paid)
Barnacle Busters (paid)
Chris Menjou (paid)
Rich Lockyer (paid)
Louis Weisberg (paid)
John Wentworth (paid)
Jon Davies/Sand Eaters (paid)
Fran & George Ollweiler (paid)
Christy & Bruce Bonnett (paid)
Bret Marquis (paid)
Henry Gittler (paid)
Pat & Charlotte McDuffee (paid)
Jukka Pylkkanen & Mary-Lou Quinn (paid)
Frank Farmer (paid)
Tari Hanneman (paid)
Buck (paid)
Gregory Van Hale, DDS (paid)
Tom Wetzel (paid)
San Diego U/W Explorers (paid)
Pat Chock (paid)
Jeff Kelly (paid)
California Wreck Divers (paid)
Hollywoodivers (paid)
Mike Brennan (paid)
George Horn/Scuba Divine (paid)
Karen Mastro
The California Endowment
Douglas Dive Club
Mom’s the Word

Other contributors [less than $100]
Arno Dienhart (paid)
Darcy Benwood (paid)
Randal Patka (paid)
Roy Houston (paid)
Becky Cochran (paid)
Jim Adams (paid)
Ray Hartung (paid)
Jim Deas (paid)
Ken Kurtis (paid)

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