So am I to assume...

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Posted by Wayne on May 06, 2002 at 22:17:25:

In Reply to: PADI dive table posted by tecdiver on May 06, 2002 at 20:38:10:

So am I to assume that you have studied the theories and have a better way to do this? Maybe a few really long half-life groups to build up over the dive vacation? Any testing behind it? Do you have an alternative table that you feel is better and well tested? And how does it work for me and my fitness level and with my ascent rates?

How long ago did you take your PADI OW class? Do you remember exactly what you were told about the tables and their accuracy? Have you chosen to read the instructions that came with your PADI RDP (that is what its called)?

I remember a little from my physics and chemistry classes and I know a bit about modeling complex systems. I accept that no table or computer will do the trick under all conditions and for all people. It's just one of those things. Were you at Chamber Evening? I was and the testimonials of the three divers who had been bent and treated at the chamber were sobering. The fact that they dove the same exact profiles as everyone else and still ended up injured says a lot about how good the theories are when the nitrogen hits the bloodstream (or is that when the bubble hits the blood -- or spinal fluid). But, hell, if you have a better method, write it up, test it, get it peer reviewed, and sell the book and or other aids and I hope you make a fortune. If not, and all you want to do is try to frighten divers and sound pedantic, find a less well educated audience than you will locate here.

Of course, what do I know. My BC came with warnings that I could die by using it underwater, but being reckless, I do it anyway. I am waiting for my promissed death to come along one of these days. I hope it is still a few decades away...


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