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Posted by humblediver on May 14, 2002 at 13:40:18:

In Reply to: Re: It isn't a brand thing posted by tecdiver on May 14, 2002 at 11:15:41:

hmmm, you said that someone is "not cert for this type of diving but are still doing it anyway."

Why is this a bad thing?

From my experience, a "technical" certification is a joke. Ill take a buddy with experience over a card any day and every day, and so would anyone I regularly dive with.

And what exactly is "this type of diving?" Why do you do it? I bet youre one of those egomaniacal techdivers who goes deep just for the sake of diving deep. I personally believe that attitude is asinine. The fact that you use the handle of tecdiver speaks volumes about your need for attention, your need to feel like a big bad techdiver. Like having a huge lifted four-wheel drive in the city. In the real world, we call it "compensation."

Jealousy would imply that I derive my self-image from diving. I do not. Nor do I give any particular weight to what others think of me. Years spent as a sporting referee imbued me with a rather thick skin. Why are you so afraid of what I, an anoynmous sockpuppet, think? Is your self-image really so fragile that it cannot withstand the anonymous ravings of an unknown person? Youll probably have to book two Sport Chalet charters in a row to build yourself back up.

The continual parade of agency bashing here is a puzzlement to me. I dont think less of you because your an IANTD diver, I think less of you because your past postings have demonstrated a total lack of respect and comprehension. I dont think for a second that Ill ever be able to persuade you on any point. Some people just have too much self-image entrenched in their beliefs, and feel that any application of logic to those beliefs is a personal affront. You argue my case with every post you make.

Im but a humble diver. I dive because I enjoy it. I dont offer myself as an expert, nor do I imply that Im some diving guru. My opinions are my opinions, and many of them will no doubt be contrary to your own. But dont cry in your milk if you attempt to present yourself as an expert and we laugh at you. Holding a mix card doesnt attribute cosmic powers to you. It only means that you wasted a bunch of money. I wield nothing but logic, common sense, and a minute trace of experience. You card carrying technical divers must be way out of my league.


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