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Outer Bamnks diving on the Great Escape Southern California Live-Aboard Dive Boat

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Posted by TDI_2 on May 15, 2002 at 10:15:29:

In Reply to: YOU MUST DIVE HALCYON TO AVOID CATASTROPHIC EQUIPMENT FAILURE posted by tecdiver on May 15, 2002 at 09:40:08:

I heard that it is pretty slow to get special orders filled, however, from them. So I prefer to order from OMS. Same high quality, just faster customer service, or so I am told, by shop owners.

If I see something on the shelves from Halcyon, and I want it, I scoop it up right away, together with any replacement parts that I might eventually need too.

I really like Halcyon's backup lights, and stainless steel bolt snaps, more than any others. Their canister lights look good too, although I have not yet gone that route, since Im waiting for my own perfectly good deep bright light to wear out or fail first.

Ordered my very first 2 lb aluminum backplate from OMS yesterday. It should be here in a week. Aluminum means I can drill it if I have to in order to make it fit my current tech harness. Aluminum also means I can pack it into my travel suitcase with my other scuba gear, unlike a steelie that would weigh three times as much.

OH by the way, I can see why josh massie has gone completely underground, and not shown his true face here, other than numerous disguised posts recently in which he rants and raves as usual. The recent PADI lawsuit may have had something to do with that and it seems he apparently freaked out over it.

What I cant understand is why the rest of you arent worried about a john doe summons to Orange County Superior Court yourselves. After all, California is indeed a litigious society.

If we are going to discuss gear, and agencies, and boats, and stores, its probably better to be an anonymous moniker rather than a real person, at least on the internet. On board a dive boat its totally different. No one would dare mess with a boat captain, anyway.

The store owners themselves have insurance, and so they dont need to worry as much. Similarly the boat captains also have insurance.

I have personally met enough store owners who have not yet made the move to nitrox such that it doesnt concern me, as an issue.

I personally believe that nitrox on-gasses less N2 for comparative recreational "shallow-water" diving, and off-gasses N2 more quickly during the egression and safety/deco stop(s) as well. But I am not the person debating this with any store owners here. Live and let live is my philosophy on air vs nitrox.

I still use EAN25 between 100 fsw and 150 fsw mostly because the diving club that I dive with does that, and they would laugh at me for using Trimix or Heliox at such relatively shallow depths. Peer pressure, you know how that goes.

Almost everyone that I know dives with trimix beyond 150 fsw. No arguments there.

Lots of divers try to exude peer pressure here, in the name of GUE or DIR or Halcyon, or other such stuff. Oh well. They have apparently forgotten the kindergarten rule: You will attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Whatever happened to Michael Kane? Is that ban permanent or only temporary? Who knows, Tribes, you might just finally get on Chris' and Seahunt's nerves yet too. There is always Hope.

TDI Diver #100,001

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