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Posted by Wayne on May 15, 2002 at 10:17:46:

In Reply to: Re: Response to the OMS thread posted by tecdiver on May 15, 2002 at 08:09:16:

Come on now, it has all been a bunch of fun and giggles, but I just happen to use the RPD and a computer that is very much the samein its model. So I would be genuinely interested if ANY such data exists. What you have provided is rumor and gossip with no substiantiation. You were called on to provide the data and you ducked out the back door of your posts.

The problem with trying to excite folks here with rumors and innuendo about deco theory is that there are some sharp cookies hanging around these parts. How many of the guys who share your rumors have their own ultrasound machines and actually do measurements on dive boats to assist in perfecting models? You were questioned by the only person I know of who does this work and you impunged his motives. You also are exposed to folk here who have lots of DCS Free dives and lots of years of carrying c-cards into shops for air fills. seahunt has what - 32 years, I have 27 years, and I know many others have similar times of certification. Then there a bunch with 10 or so years who have thousands of dives and invaluable experiences that put geezers like me to shame -- except we all share the love of the dive and are all pleased to be able to converse and share opinions and observations from all those dives.

Don't get me wrong, everybody is welcome to share opinions and experiences, but when we share these, we need to be willing to tell how we came up with our opinions. If we want to convince others of a "fact" we better be willing to get our data reviewed. I have often published things without a complete and perfect understanding of a process. In these cases it is best to state where the proof ends and where the speculation begins and how the speculation is justified by the data and how it supports the observable facts. When I get questions on this kind of thing, I consider it healthy as it allows me to better define my thinking and to assist others in their understanding of what I think it true and useful.

I just thought you might want to know what I have seen work in my experience in technical communication.


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