Cortes vs. Tanner vs. San Nicholas?!?

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Posted by Mark on May 21, 2002 at 21:45:58:

Hey, which is the better bug site for the beginning BUG diver ... Cortes Banks, Tanner Flats or San Nicholas, ... and WHY?

I just started bug diving last season, and did my first dives off of Arrow Point and Hen Rock off Catalina. I'm giving a lot of thought to next year's opener. And I've heard a lot about the Cortes Banks and San Nicholas, even Talcott Shoals, as being incredible bug diving destinations. I've also been told that Catalina is good, but not as good as San Nicholas and Cortes Banks because Catalina has "deep" bug holes - and it's harder to reach the bugs. While San Nicholas and some of the others have shallower holes, chimneys and "stacks" ... and that it's a lot easier grabbin' the lobster as a result.

So, those of you in the know -- that make more than a dozen bug trips during the season, how about sharing some of the wisdom? Like I said in an earlier post, I'm a novice -- and reside outside the state. So, sharing info with me won't impact your "sweet" spots or put a dent in the local bug populations.

And, are any of these dive sites any good?for islands to consider, and spots to not miss?

Catalina: Isthmus Reef, Bird Rock -- West End (Starlight Beach, Johnsons Rocks, Parsons Landing, etc.

San Nicholas: Boilers, Three Mile Reef, Alpha Breakers, Alpha Foul Area, Charlie Area Sandspit, Seven Fathom Reef

Santa Barbara: Sutil Island, the Archway, Webster Point, Southeastern side of the island.

Cortes Banks: ???

Tanner Flats: ???

Again. Anyone that can help out a beginning bug diver, ... and share some good, productive spots -- I would certainly appreciate it.

- Mark


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