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Posted by Ed on May 24, 2002 at 11:04:06:

In Reply to: I would like to talk about actually scuba diving posted by Sandra on May 24, 2002 at 10:22:29:

Fully understand, and totally agree....
Post (or ask )about conditions, etc, and 'actual' dive info, and.... you will get one or two responses.... IF you're lucky that is.

Post about GUI vs. NON-Stick or PADI vs. whatever, and you will have started WWIII. That's "virtual" diving, I guess....

Too much time is spent (IMHO) discussing / hashing out / beating to death, our differences, when the ONE THING that brings us all here is a common passion for diving. I check the forum just about every day, but I no longer read anything that is NOT dive/diving related.

I, much like you, hope to see more diving/conditions, etc reports, but we may be in the minority. I do boat AND shore diving, and am always looking for reports / info, new places to explore, etc.

Now... back to diving... I am planning on doing at least a dive or two this coming long weekend. Havn't decided where, other than the fact that they will have to be beach dives (which is OK! I enjoy them!). I was considering La Jennelle (port Hueneme), however, I think I'll skip it (see the post below). I had previously read about it in the archives, but can not find current reports and general info.
Leo Carillo is a strong possibility, as it is both close, and there is much to explore. No matter how many times I dove there, each was unique and interesting. I will most likely do a dive or two tomorrow. I'll be the guy with the worn out gloves, and a funny looking yellow tank with dribles..(hey, the tank used to be HOT PINK when I bought it from this guy....he said it was his daughters....). I got tired of the 'stares' I got when getting air fills.....(and the common question "Is this your tank?"...

Sorry for ranting.... Have a good Memorial weekend, and try to get some 'bottom-time' in.


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