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Posted by randy54 on May 28, 2002 at 15:34:59:

Not long ago I got a new OMS IQ system. This was after lookig at my diving practices, and comparing what was available. Before I had a chance to use it, a rather large flareup started here, so I had a bit of trepidation. Some of the negitive coments I knew either weren't true, or didn't matter. The lift is rated at 45, but was stated as 65, my D-Rings rotate 180 up and down, but it was stated that the D-Rings are in a fixed position. Things I didn't care about was the bungies. I only use two per side for streamlining, but the resistants isn't so much to cause a problem with oral inflation, and as I don't enter wrecks or caves, no need to worry about snags. With my sore back, I wanted as much weight off my waist as possible, so I went with both the steel BP and tank adapter. I realy liked the balance this gives me. A complaint was made that the D-Rings were too big. Too big for what? They are easy to grab, the extra weight there means less on my back, so not a problem with me. One complaint I do agree with is the pull cord for the upper dump valve. On 3 dives I never could locate it, and will move it down to the front. As for the plastic buckels, working with the military, and seeing how extensively they are being used there, and in mountaineering equipment, the big thing I understand is this, Take Care Of Your Equipment, and it will last. I count on this stuff to save my life, so I'm not about to drop heavy stuff on it, steel or plastic, or put it were someone can walk on it. Bottom line is I was happy with how it worked, except the dump, and I'll fix that, and other than the vis sucked, it was nice to be wet again.

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