this years crop of abs is quite good, the first place to look for a dive instructor

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Posted by TDI_2 on June 14, 2002 at 09:31:11:

I believe that due to the rough weather we have had up north so far, that there has been less ab freediving than usual so far this year. It is June now, and the seastate should be calming, but it hasnt so far.

When you go back to your favorite spot, you are likely to see more abs than usual. All of last years abs have had a chance to grow another inch. And there are a lot more smaller ones in the 5 inch range as well, for future years. The 5 inchers look legal under water, so you have to be careful about measuring them.

Maybe the 3 take limit is having a beneficial effect already, or even the 24 annual limit as well. But I also feel that there is just less ab freediving happening this year due to the rough seas so far.

If you go ab or uni diving, I hope you have a protected cove to go to. A rocky outer reef about 75 to 100 yds offshore is good protection for diving inside an area like that. An exposed area may be very rough, and you might find the seasickness factor enhanced.

I dont know if August and/or September are going to be any calmer than it has been so far, but I hope so.

The Shoreline Highway north of Jenner is still under repair. Delays there can be quite long during normal daylight hours. I suggest going through Jenner either around dawn, or else taking a more northerly cross-over to the coast road.

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