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Posted by Eric S on June 14, 2002 at 20:03:20:

In Reply to: PADI's rules posted by TDI_2 on June 14, 2002 at 09:15:59:

"Anything over 100 fsw is considered an extreme dive and should not be done on air"

I'm not flaming here, the only time I would flame is if I'm attacked, and so far I see no attack. This is simply a debate so kindly understand that.
What I need to know is what scientific basis are you making these claims from? Is this just YOUR personal opinion or the opinion of one of your instructors?
I am not interested in what GUE, TDI, or any other tech agency claims because I have absolutely no interest in tech diving whatsoever and probably never will. So, all the jargon that you use regarding all the different mixes is meaningless to me. I have been nitrox certified for three years but have never used it because there's no where to get it up here.
I dive regularly over 100 fsw up off Mendo coast and I don't believe that I have ever experienced narcosis, at least not how it is described to me. The deepest I've been up here is 122 ft. (getting scallops) and to be honest I didn't notice any difference between that and 60 or even 40, ( the terrain looks a little different).
I dive in a wetsuit and I don't get cold enough for it to be a problem. I think dry suits are a pain in the ass. There are many, many divers up here who feel the same.
We follow all the rules and regularly do long safety stops to make sure we're clear for final ascent, so I fail to see what the problem is?

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