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Posted by ed on July 03, 2002 at 09:43:36:

In Reply to: Snorkels posted by Jeff Shaw on July 02, 2002 at 21:56:25:

At least for the kind of diving that I do. I do a lot of beach dives, dives from my boat, and I also dive with large dive boats. Most of the time, when diving from large dive boats, I agree that I don't have a use for them. However, I use them for the other 2 scenarios (my boat, and beach dives).
On a beach dive, in my opinion, it is a MUST. Often times, after the surf entry, I I spit out the regulator, and use the snorkle for what some would consider a long surface swim. While on the surface, I try to scan the bottom/water column, and when I find an area 'worthy' of diving, I switch to the regulator and submerge. On occasions, I may snorkle for an hour or two before submerging, so a snorkle is a must. In my style of shallow water (<15 ft)'bug hunting' from the beach, it is also a must. I dive with an Alum 30 (yes, AL30!) as it is a joy to carry and walk a mile to get to a 'good spot'. Of course, there isn't much bottom time with an AL30 (but you will be surprized!). I scan the bottom on snorkle, and when I see a few 'worthy' bugs, I switch to regulator, submerge, and 'plan my approach'.
When diving from my boat, I usually only take 1 tank, and often cruise the surface for some interesting bottom before submerging. Again, I may snorkle an hour or 2 before actually 'going on SCUBA'.

Just my opinion...

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