Full footed fins for wide feet?

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Posted by Scott on July 04, 2002 at 17:43:57:

Hello. Does anyone know of full footed fins that fit wide feet? I'm not interested in the finer aspects of propulsion; I just want some fins that fit and don't hurt! I have 2 pairs of fins: 1. Full-footed (I believe that this is the correct nomenclature for fins that have no heel straps) Mares Planas for size 11-12, and 2. Heel strapped "one size fits all" U.S. Divers Rocket Fins. I strongly prefer the full-footed Mares fins because they seem to work much better, and my feet don't cramp as easily. These fins seem to fit fine at first; however, after a while, the discomfort at my feet's widest points becomes intolerable. The back of the foot pocket is only rubber, but the hard plastic of the fins starts coming in right about where my feet are at their widest, and the pocket is just a bit too narrow. The "one width fits all" concept doesn't work in these fins; however, I feel that if these were only molded to my feet shape, they would be perfect. My feet are 10.5-11 in length, and ~4.5" wide at the widest point; I've been fitted for "EEE" dress shoes.

The U.S. Divers Rocket Fins are wide enough, but my kick seems to lose some energy in the forward and backward movement of my feet in the fins. Mainly, these fins just don't feel as comfortable in movement as the others, and I'm liable to get cramps easily.

I've also tried a few rental fins; none have been comfortable.

I'm asking about this here because I feel that someone who has experienced the same problem will be more helpful than a dive shop staffperson who may sell me some new fins that feel fine in the store, but end up hurting after an hour in the water. I don't want to go through a bunch of fins before I find the right ones. As an aside, I'm not a SCUBA diver yet; I've been using these for snorkeling and diving to 20'. Thanks in advance for any help.

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