Re: tank overfills on last two boat trips

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Posted by :) on July 16, 2002 at 00:54:15:

In Reply to: Re: tank overfills on last two boat trips posted by Burke on July 16, 2002 at 00:02:41:

Press Steel, Faber have a 2640 fill pressure new 2400 after first hydro. This is by the book. Example take a OMS tank which is a Faber LP fills to 2640 say you have a 125 cf the burst disk I belive will blow at 3600 psi. I want to do a dive on aparticular day and thats all I have available and I need more than 125 cf so say I take it to 3500, I get 160+ cf. It made it through hydro I am below bursting why not. The point is yes you can do this in your garage you take full responsibility then. Is this a prudent thing to do, well your tank will not last as long. Can I do it if I am in a bind, obviously you can. Is this a safe practice NO! I personaly use risk analyses in this situation does the benefit out weigh the risk NO! There is always another dive.
If a tank like that should let loose in your immediate vicinity you will not be here to ever dive again. The new tank is not so much the problem but when does this place the tank at more risk, meaning even if it passes its nth hydro your risk is increasing. I know what you hear goes on and is talked about like oh these tanks can take it no problem. These tanks do take it well and in stride, the Florida divers have proved this. So you decide if this is something that is safe. Personaly I want my tanks to last so 200-300 psi I know wont hurt. Also If you do this in a shop you will probably be asked never to return. Blow your garage up homeowners will not cover because Fire Department will rat you out.

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