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Posted by Melvin on August 27, 2002 at 07:22:04:

In Reply to: Re: shore diving posted by Jason on August 27, 2002 at 00:01:46:

Ditch my rig at sea, OUCH! That has just got to hurt the pocket book.

Once I take off my scuba rig in the water because "conditions have gotten too rough" then what? Is it just lost at sea while I try to swim out in my wetsuit, and if so, why would I care if it floats or not? I will most likely never see it again. Even if I do, can you imangine the condition it would be in after washing ashore without me in rough conditions. I just can not imangine taking my equipment off because it is too rough. Now, for getting in out of a boat or kayak, ok, that I can see.

I will admit to being a novice beach diver with only 50 or so beach dives in the past 13 months. But I am not sure what advantage that would offer me. With my scuba gear on I am heavy, and awkward true, but I have an airsuply which allows me to breath in or under the waves while I work my way out. I also have a flotation device while I sit and wait for help to arrive. If the conditions get too rough, my first reaction would be to wear it for the life support equipment and do the monestary crawl out.

I know conditions can change, and I have gone in with 1-2 foot waves and surfaced to 4-6 foot waves (which were not in the forecast). But we just waited, timmed the sets and walked out during the lull.

So please enlighten me. What are the advantages of ditching your equpment at sea? Or am I misreading what you intedd to do? Do you mean to take your equpment off and then atempt to get out while keeping ahold of it?

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