Uhh, Melvin, where's your report for me? Here mine

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Posted by randy54 on August 28, 2002 at 06:37:53:

In Reply to: No water divers? Only Virtual posted by Melvin on August 27, 2002 at 09:57:51:

Anacapa, it was a dark and stormy trip. Swells were 8-10, with 5 ft breakers on the beach, with surge runnig 25ft, and that was in the protected areas. Undaunted, I stood in my 12ft dingy the "Storm Ranger", stripped to my skivy shorts, slung my HP 120 under my arm, cracked the valve, (don't need no stickn reg, just suck right off da tank), grabbed my mask, (maybe I'll wose out and use it), and hopped into the balmy 48degree water. WHAT THE HEY! TOO HOT! doff the skiveys. There, just to the right was something big, comming right at me. I grabbed for my knife, but had left it on Storm Ranger. I reached out, grabbed the beast, it struggled mightly, and slipped my grip. Again I reached out, and just caught the thing by a rear flipper, and fought my way up alongs it's slimmy body, until I could get at it's throat. Ripping and clawing, the water filled with screams and blood, but I got it. After it stopped moving, I kicked to the surface and crawed back into Storm Ranger. After catching my breath, I noticed another, larger boat, (must be 14ft, with an outboard motor, what a panzy), but no one in it. Wonder if I should warn him of the monster I just offed. Naaaa, he'll findout about the dangers of the graveyard Anacapa.
After pulling anchor, and a long row back to Ventura, something light to eat I think, then off to Peru, for an easy stroll through some Inca ruins.

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