8/30/02 Anacapa (real one)

Great Dive Trips at Bargain Prices with the Sea Divers

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Posted by randy54 on August 31, 2002 at 11:27:12:

Friday started off wonderul, with a close encounter w/a monster dog. A japanees bread, about 150 pounds. think of a mastif with the fir and tail of a malimute. Real sweet dog. Left Ventura harbor on the Spectre a couple min. past 8, with little more than 1/2 load, 27 ppl I think. Smooth ride over to the island, with a 5min encounter with a pod of Reeces dolphins. Our first dive spot was on the east side of landing cove, at the underwater arch. Vis was 30ft, with an overcast, and water temp of 63, no current, and only a little surge on top of the arch wall. For me it was a nice dive, with no special encounters. Brandon, a visitor from Washington had a meeting with a couple of sealions, one was nibbling him, the other wouldn't get out Brandons face. This was his first dive here, and he loved it. Our second dive was a short move to just west of landing cove, at the big hole called the garbage pit. I decided to work on my bouancy control, so I moved into the gap between the outer wall and the island wall. The surge was mild, vis about 30. I dropped down to 40ft, got nuteral, then just spent 30min letting the water move me around while letting my breathing take me up and down etween 38 and 42ft. Watched a couple mid size batrays go by, followed by a seal a little later. toward the end to my dive, I moved over to the outter wall, and moved up to 25ft, and started exploring the holes. Saw a nice size octopus, 1st one I'd seen in a long time. from there, I worked my way uo some kelp to the surface, just watching sea life go by. Our 3rd dive was another short move west, up to Cathedral Cove. The sun came out, and the water looked crystal clear. Again very little surge, no current, vis 45, a great relaxing dive. I was the first off the boat, while most ppl were still doing lunch. I floated to the bottom, and moved into the kelp very slowly. Lots of different fish gathered around me, and acted like I was one of the rocks. I found a small patch of sand, layed on my back, and let the water gentely rock me. I stayed like that for about 15 min, before moving off. Ran into another batray passing by, then not much else until I headed back to Spectre. As I got near the anchor line, a large seal passed, followed close by a good size flounder. A nice end to a wonderful dive day.

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