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Posted by Eric S on September 01, 2002 at 21:57:05:

In Reply to: DOING IT RIGHT! posted by ANONYMOUS on August 31, 2002 at 23:24:02:

You know, it's funny, I did exactly the same thing! I converted to DIR also, and along with doing everything you mention in your post, I took it even further.
First, in my house I eliminated all of my paintings off the walls, got rid of all that extra fancy furniture, essentially got rid of everything not absolutely necessary to exist. You know the DIR motto, "if you don't need it, don't take it, and who needs all that extra crap!
On my truck I took off the complete body (cab and bed). I had a double tanks installed with a crossover isolation valve that I can easily reach in case I blow one of the hoses on either tank. Basically I drive nothing but a frame and harness (seat belt with no plastic clips or buckles) with just enough to make it legal, headlights (metal halide), small windscreen, blinkers, and bare minimum fenders. The stereo, heater, AC all came out because they are for strokes and a possible distraction and could be a failure point they ever quit or shorted out. I got rid of the speedometer and tachometer and only use the fuel guage and my watch. I am so good that I can tell you exactly how far I've gone and how fast by calculating in my head the fuel burned x the time it took to get there.
By eliminating everything not absolutely necessary not only did I increase the trim of the vehicle, but it is a lot more efficient because it is lighter.
I also found some old '60's bias ply tires (jet fins) and I only will run those. All my friends must have this exact same configuration and we can only drive down the freeway in teams of three because this is the ultimate buddy team. Each of us runs a special tri mix of fuel: gasoline, alcohol, and nitro methane. The mix depends on how far south into the depths of the LA freeway system we plan to penetrate.
We each have a long hose attached to the carburator (yes, carburator) with a quick disconnect and a shorter one hanging on the carb with a surgical tubing and if your buddy runs out of fuel next to you, you simply give him the long hose so he can maintain his position in his lane, and because you know it's working because your engine was just running off it.
As far as we're concerned if you do not follow this program then you have no business driving on the roads and freeways of this country and are a STROKE!!! You are going to die and I don't want to be the one finding your body!
All the auto manufacturers want to do is sell fancy cars that look good with way to many unnecessary frills and colors. And the driving schools! DMV is really going to have to do something about their testing, it's way to watered down!

So, has anybody else converted and taken it eeeven further?

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