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Posted by Wayne on September 03, 2002 at 09:35:43:

In Reply to: Re: Did you get other rental gear? posted by Senor Tiburon on September 02, 2002 at 20:32:53:

In an earlier post you said the 'only reason you are not an instructor is you do not want diving to become a job', I assume this is supposed to impress us with how much you dive and how expereinced you are. Well, Just how well certified are you? Are you a current, insured divemaster? I'll bet not for a bunch of reasons!

I believe you are clueless about why people teach or DM. It is precisely because they love to dive. There is no money in it. Did you know that DM liability insurance costs $395 per year and instructor insurance is at $674 per year? That does not include professional fees of at least half that and other insurance such as DAN. It does not include the cost of gear and gear maintenance that you will be loaning those with problems. It does not include the costs and time of keeping current on CPR and O2.

So here is a DM working to keep you safe, helping to resolve problems of a boat load of divers, keeping track of the divers, and slaving away in the sun while you and the rest of the guests play. All for a "free boat ride". My guess is that the DM put in at least 12 hours on the boat, plus another 2 at home in preparation for this one trip. So you see, it is a less than minimum wage job, that costs at least a grand a year to stay qualified for, and the tips usually suck.

I do not EVER work as a DM on a boat. I will not work that hard for the measly tips and PITA customers who are looking for someone to blame when they do not have a Cozumel-like experience. I pay dues and fees in time and money and I can talk. Can you?

Become a DM, pay your fees, pay your insurance, and serve the diving community, then I will listen to your whinning about lack of coddling. And your inability to understand the logistics of local diving and rental tanks shows you are ignorant.

I have no problem with ignorance, but to not blame others for YOUR lack of bringing yourself up to speed. You blame others for not telling you that you would need a tank. Hogwash. ANYONE in that store -- even custoemrs -- could have told you about the tank supplies on a local boat. You did not need a call back to know.


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