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Posted by pay attention my son on September 03, 2002 at 12:40:36:

In Reply to: Re: Isnt the same without Capt Ray posted by jrs on September 02, 2002 at 19:35:33:

or at least pay attention to the post you respond to. I was NOT onboard the Mr C for this trip and I WONT be back. Ive never ever been charged TWO fills to put one dives worth of air in twin 72s before or since. Senor Tiburon may be slightly aged anal discharge but if you ask around my guess is that most regular divers would rate the Mr C at the bottom of the service list probably tied with the Magician. Hes an idiot for actually expecting to get decent service off the now Rayless Mr C.

The Mr C is a bargain basement no frills boat. People climb the ladder because its cheap. Try and tell us that the food aboard her is good with a straight face. Quite amazing that the drinks can be warm and the almostbutnotquite egg sandwiches are cold. For the experienced self sufficient diver the lack of service can be overlooked. For the crapwipedoffthesoleofmyshoe newbies like Tiburon it can not.

Get real. There is probably a reason why an open boat on the Vision is a hundred bucks while the same on the Mr C is like 65. Ive never had any complaints with the safety aspects of the operation. But shes the KMart of San Pedro.

Some older divers are willing to pay more for some creature comforts. The Mr C doesnt have them. The only thing the Mr C had going for her was Capt Ray. Now that hes gone so are a bunch of us.

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