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Posted by randy54 on September 03, 2002 at 21:09:31:

What do you do to make sure you don't loose a dive or dive trip?
Besides using a check list for my gear when I pack, I also hookup my reg to my tank and check the 1st and second stages, check my tank pressure, and pluge in my BC and function the P/Inflator. I turn on my computer to check it, (good thing too, had to replace them for last fridays dive), check the batteries and buld in my dive light, camera and strobe. I normally pack extra batteries and film, a lot of both I give away to divers who don't check their gear. I give a good look at my mask, and carry a backup, and check my fin straps, (made my own as I don't like the ones that come with my fins, they kept pooping off). My drysuit and undergarments get lots of attention, and I always carry a couple hand towels. When I'm happy with my pre=trip inspection, everything gets packed, and put in the car. Once at the boat, I always pull everything out and assemble my gear before we leave the dock, just in case something got by me, and before it's too late. Part of my gear is a save a dive kit with extra o-rings, silicon, computer batteries and a tool to open the computer, zip ties, small buckels (male and female), and an extra bulb for my light. I try to keep Murrphy at bay, and so far so good. How about you?
This is partly in response to our friend with tanks problems on Mr. C. I posted a response to his moron statement at me, but used a bad word, so it got killed. Sorry about that. Oh, and I've dove on the Louis Ann and Sundiver(under the past owner), both say they supply tanks, but I brought mine, just in case Mr. Murrphy was driving the boat.

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