you obviously didn't read my reply (again)

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Posted by Brad on September 10, 2002 at 18:25:22:

In Reply to: Re: Late response, sorry out fishing all weekend posted by finfan on September 10, 2002 at 10:32:11:

i'll will just take a few points and let you infer the rest...

#1) If you had actually read my post you would have known that my point was, the WSB population had shown substantial rebound PRIOR to the hatchery fish becoming mature (legal size). If you were at all familliar with the WSB program, you would know that there is a standing reward for the return of the heads with (scanning) tags, but you apparently didn't even know that. The vast majority of WSB caught are simply TOO large to have been raised in the hatchery, that's a fact.

#2) Commercial fishing at Catalina by the Japaneese gillnetters???? That's rich! Then it's pollution? From all of thise oil refineries at the island, right? Then those that were left simply ran out of food? (There is actually one tiny (sort of) estuary at Catalina, but it is still relatively intouched) Commercials haven't been allowed to fish Catalina for anything other than squid and lobster for many years. [I have personally driven boats thru the San Pedro Channel year around since 84' and in the last 3-400 trips, i have only seen sediment from the mainland approach the island on ONE occasion, and that was after a storm around 10 years ago.]

Silly me, i thought the lack of shallow water rockfish was due to the tens of thousands of anglers that fish the shallows around the island every year, just goes to show you how out of touch with reality i am! From now on, i'll keep a sharp eye our for those japaneese gillnetters! I'm sure others will do the same. Those sneaky guys...

#3)hook and line fishing is the least effective means of removing fish from the ocean? compared to purse seining, that would be correct. But hook and line fishermen take 15-20,000 fish on any given weekend here in So Cal. Why are there limits if hook and line fishing doesn't have a impact?

#4) I don't really understand what you were trying to say in your paragraph that started with 'Lastly'. I think in your last sentence you said something like the fish will eat all of their food and die if the reserves are too large??? Is that right? In all of our discussion about SWRF (shallow water rockfish) you never mentioned the most common extraction methods, do you even know????

#5) you will not respond to this one because you cannot show me where i said that all rec fishing should be banned. You WILL NOT be able to substantiate that claim as you have failed to do so often. I welcome your copy and paste----waiting!

No wonder our fisheries are in such bad shape, we have so-called biologists who blame everything under the sun but man killing fish for the diminished fish stocks. Your biologist friend is either completely uninformed, or he is an idealogue with a huge agenda....

you can tell him i said so*

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